There are fluid pockets within the brain that contain spinal fluid. In some persons, the fluid pockets can enlarge and result in pressure on the surrounding tissues. This is commonly known as hydrocephalus.

There are several kinds of hydrocephalus- some that the infant has at birth and some that develop over time. Hydrocephalus is sometimes diagnosed in the elderly population, and can be the cause of balance problems, thinking problems and other symptoms.

Some symptoms of hydrocephalus include (but are not limited to) headache, balance problems and falling, loss of bladder control, thinking, memory, confusion and cognitive problems, vision changes nausea/vomiting for no other cause .

The test of choice to diagnose hydrocephalus is generally a CT or MRI of the brain. If you are diagnosed with hydrocephalus, the team at the Neurosurgery Center of Colorado can help. Please contact us for evaluation.