A common cause of arm pain, tingling, numbness and hand weakness is Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome. There is a nerve that runs through the small groove in the elbow, called the Ulnar Nerve. When that groove narrows, there can be pressure on the nerve, resulting in pain that radiates from the inside of the elbow to the little finger or palm of the hand. Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome occurs more often in women than men, and is typically more common in the 30-40 year old.

Common causes of Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome include obesity, activities that cause pressure in the area, resting the elbow on the desk or arm rest, injury to the elbow or arthritis. Some women note Ulnar nerve pain or numbness during pregnancy, which often resolves after delivery.

The test of choice for diagnosis of Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome is a nerve conduction test- called EMG

There are several treatments for Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome. The providers at the Neurosurgery Center of Colorado can evaluate and treat this disorder.