Novalis TX is a linear accelerator utilizing high dose radiation to treat both intracranial and spine pathology.  Intracranial applications primarily include trigeminal neuralgia, tumors, craniopharyngiomas, hamartomas, epilepsy, and vascular malformations.  Spinal applications primarily include tumors and vascular malformations.

Like other stereotactic radiosurgical systems, Novalis TX offers a noninvasive way to treat pathology with ~1.5mm accuracy in an outpatient setting.  Unlike other systems such as Gamma Knife or Cyberknife, Novalis TX may have certain advantages.  Intracranial lesions can be treated using a stereotactic frame, or as a “frameless” procedure using a sophisticated image guidance system.  Additionally, extracranial applications exist, and the body may be treated circumferentially.  Probably the most unique attribute is the ability to treated lesions with a very conforming homogenous dose and sharp drop-off dose to surrounding tissue.  Numerous collimator options allow the radiation to be delivered in the traditional cylindrical fashion, or as a conformational beam, dynamic conformal arc, or IMRT.  This allows physicians to accurately treat non-spherical lesions with limited exposure outside the target.  Furthermore, the avoidance of purely cylindrical cones limits overlap of isocenters that produce “hot zones”, or non-uniform radiation doses within the target itself.

At the Medical Center of Aurora, we are thankful to have a Novalis TX on campus at the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center.  This technology is just another way our radiation oncologists, physicists, medical oncologists, and surgeons are able to provide the best cancer treatment to our patients.  Both Dr Adam Smith and John Oro are trained and certified in Novalis TX treatment.  Please contact our office today for more information at 303-481-0035.